Time for the Caring Society

Time for the matriarchical society. Let us revere our women as we undertake the engineering projects together. I fully support Hillary Clinton as Empress of the United States. Like Angela Merkel has done miracles for Germany.And Golda Meir did for Israel. And Indira Ghandi did for India.The female brain has an extra addition for caring that men don;t seem to have but can develop. All they want is pride and profit and the rest be damned. That is now history. So man and woman can apply.

New Gold Dream has arrived

I got the domain names for New Gold Dream in the US. I plan to build a world class horse racing facility in South San Jose, in the Coyote Valley. Its name will be the New Gold Dream University. It will combine horse racing, schooling, University and anything else the community needs. I know just the man to manage it, Evandro Brandao from Brazil. He has stuck with me through thick and thin and is great with animals and people.

I also got the domain name newgolddream.jewelry for my wife’s jewelry.

On Mount Umenum in San Jose we could put a pulsating Up Arrow sign.

Douse the Fukiyima plant with nano particles

There is a nuclear meltdown going on, why not design nano particles that will form a steel or cement like crust and douse it on there to stop the radiation from poisoning our precious habitat more. Should be a piece of cake. And Chernobyl could be treated the same way.

Japan has taken enough.

When I came back from a company trip alone (everyone else was too scared to go) to India in 2002 to introduce IKM testing when nuclear war was brewing between Pakistan and India after 9/11 I made a quick stop on the way back in Holland and I jumped on my grandparents’s graves and said to myself, you are not getting my bones and it is true. As I smoke my Ultra Light Marlboro cigarettes I realize we have truly cheated DEATH!

Rugby Team?

I was wondering how I can pay for my Dutch-ness. The Dutch killed in Africa and in Indonesia and other places too. But Africa is the worst, they traded people like animals. So I was wondering if I could pay for that by opening a new Rugby Team in Zimbabwe. I will have to ask Dr. Robert Mugabe.

Peace Games

We can celebrate the Peace now. How about if we mark off a large corn area in Kansas and a large one in Siberia, and other ICBM owning countries that want to participate, and shoot ICBMs at each other. The best target control system wins.

And we can have B52’s loaded with cans of paint and spray flags all over the world.

Or a virtual bridge with ships to war ravaged nations, to bring them New Hope.

Apple could revive the Newton technology which makes it very easy for kids to learn programming. I actually have the entire line of devices from first to ruggedized. I thought of donating them along with my beloved HP laptop to the Mountain View Tech Museum so that they could make a walkway of obsolete tech devices over the ages encased in amber resin to look at the natural progression of technology. A newer version of the hand print idea from Hollywood. My laptop is due for an upgrade anyway, it overheats so I have cooling pads everywhere, maybe I type too much.

I have thought about Peace for a long time. It was inevitable. Because we are Humans, not Beasts.

Climate Control is Next

The biggest problem with the weather, hurricanes etc, is that the currents between continents have a long way to go, all the way around South America for instance, creating differences in temperatures, dangerous currents, storms, etc. What if we can even it out by creating underpasses, using nuclear bombs underground to create the pipes, under the continents? One under Panama perhaps and maybe a few more. We have all the time in the world so we might as well make our habitat pleasant for everyone. Let’s do some surgery on our habitat.

Maybe to lessen uneven heating from day and night causing storms we could install a nuclear powered super high lithium beam on the moon to have permanent daylight. That would also lessen earthquake risks.

Or we can bore a tunnel under the Hymalayas.

Or build that diaphragm into space when our sun decides to go belly up. It will push us away from the Sun, closer to Mars etc.

The details need to worked out minutely, but I do not think anyone needs to worry about being unemployed, forever, for the biggest waterworks project of mankind ever.

Or we could create Pex based tunnels through the oceans to drive from one end to the other.

My Mom would always ask when I came to visit from America, do you have a patent yet? I would say, no Mom, no luck. May this one is big enough. As Elon Musk said, it is time to close the Patent Book forever.

I keep thinking, Harry Truman should have been a little more patient before dropping not one but two atomic bombs on Japan, instead of first showing the scary power of the atom bomb to the Japanese, inflicting so much monstrous suffering. And the Japanese were also triggered by the orphan gay Anti Christ Hitler.

But there is no rewriting history, just learning from it.

So there is hope for broken marriages. If you have children together, why not ask for forgiveness and re-marry? We are going to last forever, so we got to make it right. We are going to love each other till we are blue in the face.

If I come into any serious money I will bequeath enough to set up a new wing of science for climate control the my Alma Matar the Technical University of Delft to pursue this climate control project of a lifetime. And provide free health care for everybody, including the poor.

This bullshit has gone on long enough. Drink a cup of baking soda water and honey a day to ward off cancer for instance. it is a fungus, per a great Italian doctor Simoncini. You do not need weed killer/chemo therapy. Medical grade hydrogen peroxide does miracles too, it makes stem cells grow in your body (Not the stuff you buy at most stores). You can drink that too in the right dilution. Your health will flourish, cheaply. How come doctors did not use that before? The completing element for brains is lithium. Believe me, there is a cheap solution for every health problem. Don’t get me started on Monsanto, the original inventor of Agent Orange, with their evil Aspartame and Round UP and patented seeds plans. And if I see the likeness of peacefulness in many eyes around the Silicon Valley I am happy with that, even if the United States Government stole my DNA without my consent. But I will need some payback.

I keep most of my domain names at GoDaddy, owned by a former United States Marine Bob Parsons. He knows what it takes. Taking a stand against Evil no matter what.

I know Pol Pot of Cambodia was a teacher before and turned into a viscious Khmer Rouge Killer creating the Killing Fields. I figured I’d be the part time Data General for Peace.

I do not have a single share in my Jewish led company right now after 17 years of hard work but I am very rich since I own shares in Magnetic Air which will change the world and I own gold shares and I am alive which is the most important thing.. Patience is a virtue.

World Peace/Scheveningen Accord

I call for a Scheveningen Accord to be drawn up for World Peace, mankind has reaches the shores everywhere and limits on our planet. From now on we need to deal with everything in a peaceful and scientific non mystical way and together we will go places.

The Peace Palace of Justice is already there, built early 1900’s. The War criminal prisons are there. The whole setup is meant to be.

Humanity 2.0

We have come to this place using old or new tricks, no education can be perfect, it never ends, and there has been a lot of old programming. We know what the highest aspirations of mankind are, to love, to live in peace with our fellow man, forever. So let’s do that. We do have to take account of past crimes but do not need to kill anyone anymore, since we know that learning can be at hyper speed, at your own speed, it does not matter.

So welcome to the brave new world where everything is possible.

We made it to the Promised Land.

Management will be obsolete since we all have the resources of the universe at our fingertips.

The flag of peace

In the early 2000’s after the False Flag 9/11 attacks I created a flag for the peaceful heavenly living, life based on the highest aspirations of mankind. It combines religion and DNA. I also created a real flag in my parent’s backyard. My parents thought I had gone mad, or maybe their perception of me changed. Maybe I was not such a heathen after all.

I also had a picture taken for Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands with the flag. Claus a Highly Noble German Prince was depressed, and I hoped it would cheer him up. He died anyway. I know why now. The poor guy did not stand a chance. I was at their coronation in Amsterdam, the whole place had riots, anarchists, heicopters flying, anti Germans, etc. Not a good way to start a marriage. But he might have been depressed that after a World Ward 2 his Queen would still sign death warrants. I remember looking straight at them from a distance and wondering if I was looking a relic from the past. Maybe I should have bowed but I was not going to. And I never (covertly) killed anyone. The time for bowing is over anyway. Killing to avoid accepting that something better has arrived is certainly obsolete.

It signifies that you are now protected by the shield of technology, from dying, old habits, etc and that you can reach the infinite potential were were all meant to have.

I have been working on this for over 25 years now, or maybe my whole life. It takes time to turn the super tanker of humanity, but eventually it will, the moral compass innate in every human.

But the good news could not keep my dad alive either. I remember showing him I created a cool domain name on the internet. I said we had the keys to the Universe. I could not get him excited. It is hard to change a mindset of a life long of indoctrination. State subverts religion and if religion claims ownership of morality then we all become cannon fodder.

We are in Heaven

Darwin was right, evolution does exist. And luckily the next version of the human is an upgrade, not a replacement. All our technology now allows us to stay alive practically forever. with the right precautions. That should change our views. No more short term goals needed like chasing riches, but having the long term perspective on what is good for our habitat. It should change our species into loving humans, instead of warring and killing humans. Those old habits are now obsolete. Instead we should love, and live, and together face any challenge we may encounter. Life is precious, do not kill or step on anyone.

It is time for Armistice Day. Peace in our land, mother Earth.

In my mind I hear the ricochet of the last bullet fired to kill a human. After that all weapons are just surplus tools that we can use for other things.

This warring and killing has gone on long enough.

We are going to colonize space starting with the moon. But that won’t be needed for a long while, only when our atmosphere has subsumed it. The Universe is slowly shrinking and it will keep pelting us with water, comets, etc. Mother Earth has a lot of capacity and we have to treat her right. No need to go for Mars yet, that is just bare soil waiting for an atmosphere, a long time from now. With this kind of road map, who would not be happy?

So relax, stop rushing, it is time for a new beginning. A behavioral change by humans, to love, to respect, to follow all the highest grade ideals of mankind. And that includes redemption and forgiveness. We learn from our mistakes and move on.

Be a Sponge

When I first arrived in Oregon as an exchange student in 1981, I met and talked to a few homeless people, they were Vietnam veterans and on the run. One had killed the person who raped his daughter. You do what you train for. One of them gave me the advice to be a sponge, to not judge when seeing a homeless person take food out of the garbage cans in order to eat. That is good advice for anyone.

Rest in Peace Vietnam Soldiers.

Church and State?

The religions had great books with great rules. Christian and Muslim faiths.

So why was it so hard to follow the rules?

It devolved into a tool by the Empires to maintain control.

And dissidents were gruesomely killed for not following some rules?

How did that happen? Did the faith accumulates the resources of the earth and were non-followers killed to avoid the faiths losing their resources?

Guess what?

Our resources are unlimited

So we can start anew.

With a simplified rule book.

It starts, again, with do not kill.

if we are going to populate all the planets, that is an obvious rule.

King Salman of Saoudi Arabia.

Please do not kill the dissidents.

I know Muhammed was a wonderful mediator between warring factions. But his book was also used for war. The good book degenerated in a book for War. That time has passed. I hope we can all visit Mecca soon.

As you see the Christian book also degenerated. The Christian Faith of Jewish people being the Chosen People has clearly failed to keep the peace..

I think the Muslim faith is better than the Christian faith. It tries to avoid killings by sheltering and caring for each other. It has better life rules to an extent.

I had a great Halloween party with my neighbors. It feels great that our old fears are gone. I danced like a maniac.

The End Times are here

The bible speaks of an end time where God comes back from heaven and sets everyone straight, and decides after judgement day who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. The end time is here. We all know the ideal way to live and if we don’t, the information is all out there. We are in Paradise, connected together. Better align with the greatest ideals of mankind. People who have killed knowingly, like Obama, George Bush, Natanyahu, etc, will have to live with that on their conscience forever. That is hell. There is no more escape, nowhere to hide, from one’s conscience and memories.

Time will also never stop anymore, we will have the technology to live a huge amount of years. And there is forgiveness. So hell is not too bad I guess.

It is an end and a new beginning,

Humanity 2.0

Where we have learned from our old mistakes, and leave them behind for good.

Limitless energy for all

Wars have been fought over resources, since the assumption was always that the resources had limits. But that assumption was based on limited knowledge in the past. Mankind can create ways to harness any resources in its environment, so there is no hard limit.

The Keshe Foundation has been studying and perfecting plasma based energy for up to 40 years and it is now ready for roll-out. It means that anyone in the world can get cheap power/electricity. No more need to fight over oil etc. They are trying to make the countries of the world sign a peace treaty in return for the gift of the new technology.

It is a great moment in human history.

Will we leave our old destructive habits behind, in the face of new horizons?

More info at http://www.kechefoundation.org

Peace. Welcome to the Garden of Eden, or Nirvana or whatever you want to call it.

We have to be consistent

If we want the people of the world to stop killing each other, we have to live by our grand plan. We can of course say that there are barbarians out there who keep killing no matter what and therefore we’d better keep killing too, the cycle will continue.

Obama likes to show a civilized face wherever he goes, but he knows he has authorized his goons around the world, the CIA, to kill whoever they see fit. People (often innocent) get killed by drone in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc, and ISIS gets its supplies in Syria. Come on Obama, who are you fooling?

When will Americans stand up against the wanton/illegal killing in their name? The killings will come back to haunt them. The universe does not forget anymore, like in the old days. Someone has to stand for the ideals of mankind, but right now it certainly is not America.

It is not and it is. America has shown it can change from within, it is a rapid creator/adopter of progress.

Consistency is what the world needs, even if it takes a quantum leap of faith in the face of our bloody history.

So even America should be able to give up the obsolete skills it has perfected.

Because the future is going to be so much better. Who wants to go back to killing?

Jihad is over

The time for killing is over, now that we realize that the person we were fighting was our brother anyway. We are all from the same flesh, and used ideals to improve ourselves, being a christian, being a muslim, being buddhist, being hindu, etc.  We all strove for peace and happiness, and now we have made it to Paradise. Satan, the causer of evil, has been killed. And the dead do not come back.

Welcome to cyberspace, the land of unlimited opportunities where your wildest dreams can come true. No more rushing or worrying to miss something. We have all the time we need, so relax, take a break, meet your new family, all the humans on mother Earth. Do we need more humans? Time will well. We know ho to make humans, we know how to kill them. We need to preserve the current human population. No point trying to make more people when we have enough at some point..

When I was a kid everyone said that there are two things inevitable, death and taxes. Now I know that this is not true! You can stash your treasure offshore, but why? It deprives your neighborhood of the support it needs.

We have mastered our energy needs/production, we can sail to the sun so to speak.

I gave a veteran who was begging at a freeway exit a 20, and I wept with happiness about having arrived in the promised land. We can grow the guy some new legs most likely.

Anything is possible, given time and energy.

I feel like a Karma Chameleon. Born again.

Question is, if we organized a worldwide dance party, would they dance in the Vatican and Mecca too?

Crimes need to be paid for, but not with life

War Crimes committed by US leaders must be repaid. Knowingly sending people to their deaths while being aware of other methods is a war crime.

My old country Holland has a jail set up right at Scheveningen, at the the International War Crime Tribunal, it is part of the UN. Humanity has laws and systems to keep its testosterone driven urges in check now.

The funny thing is, even if the perpetrators do not go to jail, they will have to live with their shame the rest of their lives.

We can not be above the law anymore, we all have to live with each other with the same set of rules.

Liberty and Justice for all.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

The bible has a scene in Daniel, where god’s hand appears on the wall and it writes these words. It means “Weighed and found lacking”. If god came back today he would say the same thing of this world, especially for many of those who claim to be his followers, in places of power. One of the 10 commandments clearly said

“Thou shalt not kill”.

Now, thousands of years later, the killing still goes on, and even more unimaginably, in Jesus’s name.

Some in America seem to think that killing humans is just like a hunting party, you send bombs, drones, bullets, to weed out whoever is not suitable. This is clearly an old tactic. A human has an infinite capacity for learning and understanding and love. Even the enemy. And the feelings of hatred and revenge do not easily die. So isn’t it time for giving up the old tricks that don’t work?

The writing is on the wall, warmongers, invaders, killers. There is no escape from the all-seeing eye of the global human consciousness. It is time for consistency. Total Recall, back to base for all soldiers. In my mind’s eye there is no limit what we can do, and that includes getting rid of old habits and replacing them with better ones.

I remember a friend of mine who was in the Air Force asking me at a wedding in Sacramento around 1997 or so,  what would be the next thing after smart phones. I said it would be a virtual bridge of US warships on the way to the world to bring peace supplies, after the global peace treaty had been signed. He said that would never happen. We’ll see..

It would be good to have an ICBM war game after we have peace. We fill them with paint, create a huge target in the Syberian tundra, and one in Kansas. And then the old Cold War foes can shoot missiles at each other. The one who hits the bullseye wins.

But no more destruction please. Everything is precious.

So State of Israel, Jewish chosen people, can you please follow your own book and stop killing too? This trick of being chosen has had its days, but it is obsolete now. Armageddon has passed and it is time for everlasting peace now. We can write blueprints for the future and release our old fears and mistrust.

Divide and Conquer

Division of duties and roles has been a great way for the people in charge to accomplish their plans. Each person has a limited capacity for knowledge, so you pick your piece, train till you are good at it, and become part of the big plan, you are the cog in the wheel, hopefully the wheel of progress. It is also called the swarm intelligence, a swarm of bees can group together to become intelligent at fighting its enemies.

But humans have an infinite bandwidth for learning now, they do not need to be just be cogs in the wheel. They can question anything and make sure that mankind’s highest ideals are realized. Why stick with the old misery of having to go to war for instance and kill fellow humans, just because they are supposedly heretics, infidels, rich with resources, whatever?

The problem of resources is not a reason for war. It has been proven that mankind’s intelligence can come up with alternative ways of doing things, especially when it becomes critical. Oil can now be exploited in shale rocks in the US, Australia etc where it was not possible before. You can make oil  out of water and algae. You can get energy out of the sun. etc.

Religion is not a reason for war either. Each religion has a beautiful code for living, and if there  is no need to fight over resources, see above, then there is no need to kill anyone with a different religion. Why use religion to program people to kill, with promises of paradise? That trick is so old school.

Divide and Conquer is obsolete. Everyone can think for themselves now, at least potentially. They can join a cause voluntarily.


I went to see the new movie called Fury with Brad Pitt last weekend. It is a about the tank battles in World War 2. The crew does what it can to fight evil, by killing as many Germans as possible. In the end they give their own lives for their principles.

It made me wonder, why are there still wars being fought in the world? We have not made much progress since World War 2, except that wars are not fought on a worldwide scale, but on a country scale, or a surgical scale with drones. Certain people still view war as a legitimate tool, to weed out tyranny, to make profits or for other reasons. But it is really an obsolete tool and it stands in the way of humanity reaching its next goals. Fighting fire with fire is clearly not working, it breeds hatred and need for revenge. Christianity came up with non-violence thousand of years ago already, regardless of how much it goes against human nature.

Many of us in America are just happy to be free from ‘tyranny’, and let our troops do the fighting away from the homeland. Constitutional rights do not apply to foreigners, so they are free to be killed like weeds by the CIA, etc.

But I do not think that is good enough. Whatever bad is done anywhere in the world should concern me just as much as to what is done to me or my family. We have to give up the old group thinking, the good us versus the evil them.

Easy for me to say, living in peaceful SiIlicon Valley?

A moral compass needs no religion

Most people have been ‘programmed’ for goodness by their parents and religion. Jesus preaches non-violence, Mohammed was a mediator for conflicts in his town from a young age, Hindus revere gods who represent higher values, etc . But religion has also been used to control minds and make people do what the higher ups/clergy/kings etc wanted them to do, ie. offer their lives in war for instance. Religion contains great heuristics for a good life, it represent mankind’s aspirations for a better world, but we can now say that we can distill the great morals from all religions and leave out the mystical parts. So if your god tells you to kill you are clearly mistaken. No religion preaches violence. I remember GW Bush said Jesus told him it was OK to go to war with Iraq. Did he even read the bible? I sent a message to the Bush administration offering to be a mediator with Saddam Hussein. I asked them to stop war efforts in the name of Jesus and Allah. Never heard back. Did I forget to mention the important god?

There is no ‘Us versus Them’ anymore.

I was brought up Protestant and it did instill work ethic etc. But it also implied that women rank below men, which is clearly wrong. Men and women and non-determined are all equals as far as I am concerned. The guy who wrote the Genesis book thought he had a nice trick up his sleeve to make women do what he wanted, surely. I guess the early polygamy of the Mormon book falls in the same category. Separation of church and state is a good one, if the preachers just come up with rules at will. Words are a powerful thing to put into some else’s mind. So question the motives.

Life is all about having a good moral compass, make sure you have a good one.

Peace Treaty anyone?


Is the world ready for a peace treaty?

We live in a world that is torn by wars. There never appears to be a time of total worldwide peace. Currently there are more than a dozen conflicts raging. The United States is/was at war with Afghanistan and any other countries that harbor Al-Quaida, Israel is at war with the Palestinians and there are civil wars raging in Africa, just to name a few of the current conflicts. War appears to be a savage and backward activity, which is outsourced to a professional military in many cases to make the activity more palatable to society. But wars usually do not accomplish much, as we will elaborate on later. In today’s world there is no guarantee of safety from invasion so most countries are forced to spend a lot of their resources on national defense. The major step that should be taken to avoid this wasteful situation is the following:

Every country in the world should sign a mutual non-invasion treaty with all other countries. Such a global peace treaty would stop a lot of mutual mistrust between countries and allow countries to focus those energies on better causes.

Here are the reasons why this is a good idea. First of all, wars are wasteful and it is hard to measure victory. They are inconsistent with higher ideals of society. For instance by invading Iraq without a solid justification, America has lost its standing in the world as a beacon of democracy and other ideals it is advertising. Another example is World War 2. The aggressors Germany and Japan were able to capture a lot of territory in the hope of holding onto it forever, but ended up losing it all pretty quickly, at a major cost of millions of lost lives and major destruction to many regions of the world. At the end of that war, Russia got its Eastern Bloc countries but lost them eventually as well. And there are many more examples. So in the end, in recent history, most invading countries were eventually pushed back to within their own borders, with China’s occupation of Tibet being an exception. Invasion simply does not appear to pay.

The second argument to end invasion wars is that most countries spend a lot of their resources on defense. With threats of invasion gone, they could spend those resources on human capital development instead, which is what today’s knowledge-based economy needs. Examples that support this argument are Japan and Germany, which spent relatively little on defense after World War 2 and developed great economies relatively quickly after the war. Another example is Ireland, which is not part of NATO but it is in its security zone. It has almost no defense forces and its economy is doing very well due to avoiding the defense overhead. Many African countries on the other hand spend major parts of their GDP on armament and they are in shambles.

The third argument for a global treaty is that existing non-invasion treaties have worked very well. For instance NATO was set up as a pact between countries to not invade each other and to help each other when attacked. It has been able to keep the peace between its members even if it was hard sometimes, for instance keeping Turkey and Greece from attacking each other.

Of course the idea of global peace sounds crazy to most people, given mankind’s history of constant fighting. One could argue that aggression is the ‘nature of the beast’, humans won’t be tamed. But human behavior can be changed with new insights, for instance most people do not believe anymore that kings have a god-given right to rule over them, or that slavery is a just thing to sustain in society. So human behavior can change, with the proper insights and peaceful cooperation can become more popular than war.

Another argument against the treaty could be that wars are actually necessary to keep economies going. World War 2 revived the world economy from the depression for instance. The destruction brought by a war requires rebuilding afterwards. The people killed by the war lower possible unemployment numbers. But it is now clear that peace is better for the economy and that destruction does not pay. It can be argued that there are vast regions in the world today that are not being developed due to the risk of war and destruction. If that risk was removed a lot of new economic development could take place worldwide, thanks to the peace dividend.

Another criticism could be that powerful nations such as the US do not like to lose the option of invasion to dictate their will on others, the Iraq war being the obvious example, which was started without a U.N. mandate. But even the richest nation on earth (based on the size of the economy) is having trouble sustaining its war efforts so other options would probably sound attractive, such as cooperation with other nations to bring terrorists to justice. Countries like the US could feel their sovereignty is affected, by a new world government. But there would be no rule to disarm, each country would maintain its right to defend its own territory (in case the aliens do show up). Its interests involving other countries could be defended by peaceful means.

As a result of this treaty the demand for armament would drop. Major arms producers like the US would feel the pain from the loss in revenue. But this loss can be made up by the boom in worldwide construction that would follow the global peace.

All in all this treaty would be hardest to swallow by the lone superpower, as it likes to patrol the world using its military as if it is its own backyard. It appears that this proposed treaty would be endorsed more by the weaker nations than by the superpower. So does this treaty stand any chance, with the risk of a veto from the US? Even the United States can benefit greatly from this treaty. It could puts its paranoia to rest about threats from North Korea for instance, and save billions by foregoing new missile defense systems. The US can not act in isolation from the rest of the world forever without harm. We are already connected on a global scale, technology makes it abundantly clear that faceless enemies do not exist, and a country’s actions are limited by their effect on the economy.

Given that we are all part of the global community, why not develop a good neighbor policy to match?

The internet is stronger than the missiles

The internet is designed to be indestructible, survive nuclear attacks etc. Information keeps flowing, we can not deny the truth anymore. It can keep all of humanity updated in real time, no waiting for the the earth’s rotation etc. In the old days someone with a book would potentially get a following, and then make some people in power feel uncomfortable, they may have felt the rug pulled from under their comfortable position, and then attempts were made to kill the messenger. War between religions was that, the war of ideas.

Nowadays information on the internet is hard to quell. No more war of ideas, reason will prevail. We are all connected to the grid that will support all of us.

My writings were wiped off the internet a few times as well, but as an industrial software engineer I take backups.

The world is new

The world is new. Or is it old? Depends on your definitions of old and new. Life has the ability to renew, ideas can come back renewed, rejuvenated, etc. So as far as I am concerned the world is new. The new world is fun and safe, for everyone. Old behavior like bullying, killing, etc is old and therefore it is past. Humans are able to be beasts, worse than any other animal. But we have the best brain of all animals, so we can circumvent that type of behavior. Let’s be the best human we can be, not act like pigs or worse.

The Bible starts with a sentence : In the beginning there was the word, and the word was god. Indeed, words are mightier than swords, they create the imagery in the brain, they are the vehicle for conveying information. But let me not put words into your mouth, you can do your own thinking..

The creation story in the bible was written by a man. I can tell because he wrote that woman was created second. That was a convenient way to keep women under the thumb perhaps? I don’t know. In my book women are equal, there is no ranking. Physical strength is not the key element needed for survival these days.

Will there always be a next war?

A few years ago I went to the 50 Years’ Air Force air show at Edwards Air Force base, close to Los Angeles. They had all their planes on display, it was great to see these ‘big man’s toys’ from up close. I was already in a peaceful mood then. I remember talking to a B1 bomber crew member. I knew that the B1 had never been used due to its original mission becoming obsolete, and asked the crew member about that. He said they’d be used in the next war, and I asked him, naively :

What next war?

It turned out that he was right, the B1 has been used in Kosovo and in Afghanistan.

But will the cycle of violence continue? I don’t think so. Eventually humanity will come to it senses.

Nationalism is a double-edged sword

America has been the promised land for many immigrants for many years, including myself. I love to live in the land of the free and the brave. But it is time that America realizes that the rest of the world has surpassed it to some degree. For instance nationalism has been taught as being a bad thing in Holland after World War II, since the German, Italian and Japanese nationalism caused that war mainly out of a nationalist sense of superiority. America led the Allied nations and ended the war. The WW2 perpetrators swore off their militarism. But the US kept its nationalism intact, it was rightly proud of having defeated the bad guys, but unfortunately that included keeping the tool of war, it has remained in the US arsenal. War is not solving issues, it is perpetuating the cycle of violence. It takes courage to swear off old habits. But humanity can adept to better ways in order to move forward.